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Name: Krasimir Tsankov (Krys) Age: 20 Height: 6"1/185cm Instagram: @whoiskryss Place of Origin: Pleven, Bulgaria

When and How did you get scouted by PRM? What was your reaction? I wasn't actually scouted, a year ago friend of mine introduced me to PRM and that is how all this started. I was really happy as this was something I had never done before. What did you like first about modelling? This was a brand new challenge for me, which I thoroughly enjoy. Especially meeting new people and traveling around the world. What was your first job as a model? How did it go? It was not too long until I got my first job, which was working for Stone Island. It was a great experience, which I will never forget!

What is for you the best thing about being a model? Being a model is an unique life experience for me! What are your favourite experiences so far? (Editorial/Campaign/Show/etc..) I have had a few fantastic experienced since I started modelling. Some of the most memorable are: shooting for Camper - when they were throwing buckets of paint around and also my first fashion week show for Astrid Andersen - which was a runway show and I remember getting a goosebumps walking on the catwalk! One other memorable experience was shooting for Domingo Rodriguez look book when they had to paint my hair and eyebrows, it was so much fun!

What was the best place you've been for a shoot? Recently I was shooting for El Corte Ingles and had to spend a week in Madrid. Not only was good working for this company, it was also great to immerse the Spanish culture. What Brand/Photographer/Designer would you love to work with in the future? If I ever get to the point doing a shoot for Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabanna, Versace etc. I would then call myself a fully established model! What Movie/Artist/Tv-shows are you hooked on at the moment? I am not normally interested in fantasy films or tv programs, but I have just recently completed Game of Thrones and I actually quite enjoyed it! Is there any place/country you would love to go in particular? I hope to visit New York in the very near future and would also love to visit and spend some time in Hong Kong and Tokyo. What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a model? Modelling can sometimes sound like a very easy thing to do, but actually it is a hard work and make sure you are determined and dedicated enough before you even think about it.


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