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Full interview on: We met Sofia for the first time at London Fashion Week this season and we cast her immediately for Paula Knorr, the most recent New Generation designer. She’s sharp, funny and has such a brilliant individual look. Passionate about tattoos and the work of her friends, she is a real collaborative soul. Look out for her catching the eye of other brands and editorials: last week she headlined the highly-coveted New Faces feature on “My most memorable moment has to be my first casting here in London. It was a Burberry casting. I was late, I was lost, I didn’t know what to expect. Then I finally saw those big sliding doors and I just said to myself, ‘oh so this is all for real, huh?’ I looked over to the side and saw the doorman looking at me funny because I actually said it out loud.” “The skeleton hanging from a swing on my left arm has a pretty long meaning, but explaining quickly, it tells a story about being positive and having a good heart even in the worst of situations. Only when you can overcome obstacles can you be sincerely happy. I promise it sounded less cheesy in my head!”“I think my tattoos are the reason why I was dressed in bright pink for two of my three shows for LFW — designers like the contrast apparently!” “I think everybody responds to looks in different ways. Some people embrace the ‘darkness’ of my look and tattoos and others take a different approach by contrasting it with the much more feminine and ‘dainty’. I find this very interesting and I can’t wait to see what other designers have in store for me.” “I have actually been following Highsnobiety on social media for a really long time! I’m not going to lie, I low-key screamed a little bit when I got the news for this shoot. So THIS is definitely going on my list of things that make me really enjoy being a part of the fashion industry.”


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