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Name: Junior Choi Age: 19 Height: 6"3'/191cm Instagram: @jnrchoi Place of Origin: The Gambia

When and How did you get scouted by PRM? What was your reaction? November 2015, I was working in Topman stacking up denim and what not when two women id seen in the store before were looking up at me whispering hahaha, here's me thinking it was a signal for help so I walked towards them and before I could say anything one of them stepped forward and asked me if I'd ever thought of modelling before, took a few details, gave me her card and left with a smile on their faces. It took a couple minutes to sink in but once it did I started dancing on shop floor and explaining to colleagues what just happened hahaha. What did you like first about modelling? Traveling and the fact there was always something going on to keep me on my toes. What was your first job as a model? How did it go? My first job was a show during LCM for Astrid Andersen at the beginning of the year. It went really well, the vibes were cool, loved the designs and it was a good place to start in terms of knowing what to expect in the future! What are your favourite experiences so far? (Editorial/Campaign/Show/etc..) I think the Pigalle SS17 show in Paris. It was unlike any show I'd seen before and it really allowed the models to be themselves during the walk, interacting with the guests and showing our personalities

What is for you the best thing about being a model? The free food at shows and shoots hahaha What was the best place you've been for a shoot? In the centre of Bank, London. The theme was smart city street ballers in which involved playing basketball in full suits surrounded, by empty skyscrapers in the middle of London haha, I'd definitely do it again

What Brand/Photographer/Designer would you love to work with in the future?RepresentClo, I've loved their designs for a minute What Movie/Artist/Tv-shows are you hooked on at the moment? I've had The Internet's album on repeat for the longest, Travis Scotts latest too Is there any place/country you would love to go in particular? Tokyo is next on the list What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a model? Go for it! If you have any work already then gather it all together. Do a little bit of research on agencies in your city, pick a few that you'd feel comfortable in/suits your look and go for a walk in or email in to arrange an interview!


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